Elaine Kuzmeskus

Summer Events

Golden Age of SpiritulaismTHE GOLDEN AGE OF SPIRITUALISM: Séances, Levitations & Poltergeists

Saturday, August 12th • 1-4 p.m.

Reverend Elaine Kuzmeskus, author of Connecticut in the Golden Age of Spiritualism (The History Press, 2016), explores the fascinating world of physical mediumship. Victorian mediums-- such as Kate and Maggie Fox and Cora L. V. Scott enthralled audience with their beauty as much as with their supernatural talents. One medium, however, stood head and shoulder (literally) above the rest Daniel Dunglas Home. He impressed crown heads of Europe as well as his Americans with his ability to levitate. During the Golden Age of Spiritualism, séances were also held at the White House. What did spirit tell President Lincoln that changed the course of the Civil War?

First Spiritualist Church of Onset
17 Highland Avenue, Onset, MA

Fee: $35

To register, call 774-454-3985


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