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Meet Elaine Kuzmeskus, author of The Art of Mediumship. A Spiritualist medium certified by the National Association of Spiritualist Churches, Elaine was born with the gift of clairvoyance and mediumship. During her over thirty years of mediumship, she has conducted many well-publicized séances including the 1997 Official Houdini Séance. In 2004, she wrote Soul Cycles, 2005 Connecticut Ghosts, and in 2007, Séance 101 which explores physical mediumship, and in 2010 her biography, The Making of a Medium. Her latest book, The Art of Mediumship, is a how-to book on clairvoyance, psychic investigation, and channeling.

Elaine has been featured on The Paranormal View, Better Connecticut, and the PBS Special, "Things That Go Bump in the Night."

Call (860) 668-0373 today to schedule a Mediumship Reading, Hypnosis Session or inquire about Astrology Services. Elaine is available for private and group readings for 6 -12 people, and larger group presentations.

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Tune into for Elaine’s 2015 predictions! Saturday January 10 at 8pm E.S.T.  Join Henry Foister, Geoffrey Gould, and Kat Klockow as we welcome Elaine Kuzmeskus author of The Art of Mediumship on radio: theparanormalview.com 

As we begin 2015, adopt an attitude of plain living, positive thinking, and spiritual devotion. Make time for God, family and friends- no matter what the season.

Divine love recognizes all good persons who enter our lives as expressions of God's love for us. Every friend — in the guise of relatives, friends, and beloved, spouse— who is with us now or who has left this earth is a medium through which God Himself symbolizes His friendships. To ignore or abuse friendship, therefore, is an affront to God.
Paramahansa Yogananda

Books by Elaine Kuzmeskus

Dream Zone


Dream Zone: Dreams, Astral Travel, and Spirit Communication

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The Art of Mediumship

The Art of Mediumship: Psychic Investigation, Clairvoyance, and Channeling

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Seance 101

Seance 101: Physical Mediumship:
Table Tipping, Psychic Photography, Trumpet Seances, And Other Important Phenomena

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Connecticut Ghosts

Connecticut Ghosts: Spirits in the State of Steady Habits

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Soul Cycles

Soul Cycles: Astrology 101 by Kuzmeskus, Elaine published by AuthorHouse Paperback

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The Making of a Medium

The Making of a Medium

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