Mediumship Readings

Who hasn't wondered what happens after the change called death. Or for that matter, how can it be possible to contact the loved one on the other side? Elaine Kuzmeskus is a clairvoyant medium who can see and communicate with the other side. She has been certified by the National Association of Spiritualist Churches and is an ordained minister with a background in counseling.

Hypnosis Sessions

Hypnosis has been recognized by the American Medical Association since 1958 and the American Psychiatric Association since 1961 as viable form of treatment for weight loss, smoking cessation and stress reduction.

Astrology Sessions

Get Your Detailed Horoscope! Elaine spends three to four hours to prepare and read your horoscope. The analysis includes the promise at birth, talents, and your future with a month by month analysis. Horoscope analysis is available over the phone or in person.

Prayer List

Rev. Elaine is a Reiki Karuna Master and a Master Integrative Energy Healer who conducts weekly prayer groups. Energy healing is a very powerful technique. It involves sincere prayer and holding the individual in the light. It can also be combined with Reiki Level II and heart links in IET.


Call (860) 668-0373 today to schedule a Mediumship Reading, Hypnosis Session or inquire about Astrology Services. Elaine is available for private and group readings for 6 -12 people, andlarger group presentations.

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